So, Josh. What is it that you do?

I’m a Portrait & Wedding photographer from Philadelphia, now living in New Jersey. I also have a YouTube channel where I produce content that’s geared towards photographers and videographers. Whether it’s a gear review, tutorial or inviting the user to join me behind the scenes during my shoots - the goal is to be able to spark an idea or teach something from a different angle. If I can just get one person to pick up a camera and try something new or inspire them to keep on doing whatever they are passionate about, that’s a win for me.


Who inspires you?

Aside from photographers, videographers and Youtubers I stumble upon that are creating awesome things, my family inspires me. Sounds cliche´, but my beautiful wife, Lilly, and two new born girls, Briella and Joanna, push me harder than ever to be the best version of myself. My goal is to create a legacy and build a platform for them with something I really enjoy doing. Now that’s awesome.



Recent Videos



Cute vids, Josh. So why do you think I should chat with you?

I Like To Have Fun
I’m really passionate about creating, building relationships and providing the best content I can for my users. Sure, I have two newborn girls, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ll edit with one hand and feed with the other. Let’s get it!

Long-term Relationships Are Better
I’m looking to build longterm relationships, not a quick “wham, bam, here you go” kind of thing. Building honest relationships can be tough on YouTube, but I don’t let that stop me.

My Little Channel That Will
I may not have a huge channel yet, but I sure do have the mental focus and work ethic as if I do. Cody Wanner says it accurately, “prepare now before the lightning strikes…”.

I look at Vanessa as a mentor and Rob, you’re a super-dope dude. Beast with the camera, cool hair - I want to be you. (haha)