So, Josh. What is it that you do?

I’m a Portrait & Wedding photographer from Philadelphia, now living in New Jersey. I also have a YouTube channel where I produce content that’s geared towards photographers and videographers. Whether it’s a gear review, tutorial or inviting the user to join me behind the scenes during my shoots - the goal is to be able to spark an idea or teach something from a different angle. If I can just get one person to pick up a camera and try something new or inspire them to keep on doing whatever they are passionate about, that to me is a win.


Who inspires you?

Aside from photographers, videographers and Youtubers I stumble upon that are creating awesome things, my family inspires me. Sounds cliche´, but my beautiful wife, Lilly, and two new born girls, Briella and Joanna, push me harder than ever to be the best version of myself. My goal is to create a legacy and build a platform for them with something I really enjoy doing. Now that’s awesome.



Recent Videos



Cute vids, Josh. So why do you think I should chat with you?

I Like To Have Fun
I’m really passionate about creating, building relationships and providing the best content I can to my users. Sure, I have two newborn girls, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ll edit with one hand and feed with the other. Let’s get it!

Long-term Relationships Are Better
I’m looking to build longterm relationships, not a quick “wham, bam, here you go” kind of thing. Building honest relationships can be tough on YouTube, but I don’t let that stop me.

My Little Channel That Will
I may not have a huge channel yet, but I sure do have the mental focus and work ethic as if I do. Cody Wanner says it accurately, “prepare now before the lightning strikes…”.

It’ll be awesome to have even 15 minutes to chat with you and see if you could possibly give me some guidance. I know you’re busy and I’m sure you’re getting thousands of these messages. I just hope maybe you see something different in me, my story, and the grind.