Finding North

Episode 01: Phil Summers
Summary: Phil is an amazing animator and designer. In this episode, we talk about his recent Ninja Gaiden project, visit his space and talk about work/life balance.


Finding North

Episode 02: Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams
Summary: In this episode of Finding North, I get to hang out with Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams. These two have been making an impact in the wedding photography and filmmaking scene for over 18 years. Through their multiple business and the education content they have been pumping out - How in the world do they balance all of this?!


Finding North

Episode 03: Nic Justice
Summary: In this episode of Finding North, I get to hangout with Nic justice. He’s an awesome filmmaker, business owner, and helps run a monthly meet-up for filmmakers called Rough Cuts. In this video we go over work-life balance, his company Watch me rise, what collaboration means to him. He even encourages me to bring in more people to help with these episodes. I guess that’s something I need to get use to doing. I also took one for the team with the jean jacket because we matched. I was hot.


Josh, what is Finding North?

Finding North is a series on my YouTube channel that I’ve been wanting to launch for some time. I enjoy hearing what other creatives are up to and learn about their process. Just a casual conversation between creatives who are working on their goals.

I look at it this way. We all have a goal, a north star. The awesome thing about reaching it is that there will always be something more. It’s the journey I find most interesting.


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