About Me

I'm Josh Luciano — a Photographer and YouTuber based out of Philadelphia, now living in New Jersey.

Collaborating, creating and inspiring others is what I enjoy doing the most. The whole process is amazing. I like to learn from everyone I meet.

Working at agencies as a designer is how I found my passion for photography and filming. It all started with a bowl of oatmeal.

I'm married to my best friend Lilly, and I'm a new father to our twin girls Briella and Joanna. Life got real in 2018!


My YouTube Channel

I started my channel in 2017 with the mindset on building a community for photographers and videographers - anyone who’s in the creative space. Whether you’re a photographer, into film or making pizza, my goal is to create content for you that’ll be useful for whatever industry you’re in.

I’m growing as a creative just as you are, so I hope you find this channel informative, fun and overall awesome. Looking forward to you joining my journey, because then it becomes ours. I love this stuff. Let’s get it done!